Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17/06/09 part 1

Nth much about today! Just stay at home and garena with my happy brothers. Then after that went for mountatin climbing and back home for dinner. After dinner, we went over to lok lok cuz dinner is not full enough. KP is around the place so he came join me and my sisters. After that, Jorji called, saying that he's not back to PD yet. So he came and join as well.

Talking about Jorji aka Johari aka Jiao Jiao, on monday is his birthday! I'm here wishing him happe belated 22nd birthday!

So basically on his birthday is our Final Paper. ISB aka Information System For Business. The exam finish at 11.15am. After that is free time and we head over to our usual place at National Library. Played for 2-3hours. Then i fetched Yee Pin over to KL sentral to buy bus ticket. In the car is Yee Pin, Jacqueline, Jorji and me.

After buying, suddenly feels stomach a bit hungry, so I suggest to eat dim sum and everyone agree. So head over to the dim sum shop. Reached there about 4.30pm and we ate till 6.30pm. Leave that place, head over to college to drop jacqueline and yee pin so they can have dinner with yee fen.

Dropped them to college and I head over to Jorji's room. Since is her birthday, so I decided to accompany him for the night. So went his room and surf net, play a while and then KP join us at his room.

About 8.30pm, I just remember that I need to return books to Monash for my sister. I expect the library in Monash will close at 9pm. But when I reach there, still so many people in the library. The time they closing is at 11pm. =.= ANyways, after returning, thanks to kp came out with and idea for a surpirse cake celebration with Jorji.Headed to berry's and bought a fruit cake that looks like that.

So we quicky go back and try to suprise him, but our surprise did work. We even video his process of taking candle using his mouth from the cake. Before that, show U all some of his pictures.

Sing the birthday song everybody!Blow the candle!!!

is time to chop the cake.
As I said ealier, he uses his mouth to take the candle. Got a video of it.

Thats all for his birthday!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Currently Im listening to this song, is really meaningful to me and the MV is just too touching for everyone that watch it. So people enjoy this.

Anyways, today is suppose to be studying ISB at college. For everyone info, ISB exam is on Monday! Some say easy but some say not! The best thing is, it is an OPEN book exam.

Among the gang, I'm the 1st to reach college. Normally we won't meet each other in college. We will head to the food court near college, call ROCK CAFE! We will be sitting our so call EMO table. Always We have our breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same table.

Since i'm the first, i will sit down and wait for others. After a while, jin khin and yutiong came and join me. one hour later, Jorji and KP came too. So they were thinking of going National Library. FYI, National Library is our version of cyber cafe just above the rock cafe. After 2weeks of not going, everyone feel so itchy to step in. At last, we still have fun there.

We gonna play DOTA there, which is a super lame game. But everyone of us is lame, so we just play. We played about 5hours that. I'm like OMG! there goes our study day!
But still I will study at night later. So i wont feel sorry to myself. That's all bout today! Enjoy readers.

Quote of the day: "Love is Accepting what the person is."

Friday, June 05, 2009


ok, after few months of not blogging, i decided to start blogging because I want to post a video which is super funny. I hope everyone enjoys this and this could cheer up your day with a big laugh! Good luck readers!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Liang Keat new blog

all right people, since my last post was 2months ago. so I decided to write something now.
One of my friend name Liang Keat, he just created a blog. His blog add is
So enjoy reading his blog. You get to learn a lot from it.
Have fun.

Signing off!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

crazy cake lovers

hey people, due to high demand from my readers and maybe supporters, i decided to make my blog alive. But sometimes lazy to update, so that's the reaason. My apologies to all my readers!

All right, so now I begin. This post is about some crazy cake lovers that line up for freaking 3hours
to buy Font size2 cakes. You think people too free? I thought economy so bad now, Still so many people buy?

This is a super smart strategy in order to attract everyone to taste their cake. They are the secret recipe famous with their fine quality cakes and also secret recipe to make customer spend money. As you all know, today is 11/11/08. So only 11 secret recipe outlet have this promotion Buy 1 get 1 free!! Then i think, if people eat 2, then will be Eat 1 Fat 1tonne. At the same time, today is my SISTER birthday, happy birthday sister.
So my sister wake me up at 9.30am. I wash up and leave house at 10.00am. I was telling my sister, come on, there won't be people queeing up so early. Then my sister is like, got la, those people love to eat cake. So for her birthday sake, we went.

Surprisingly, omg!!! the queeue is like THREE shoplots long! NIABU!! (sorry for the rude word, but cant tahan). Secret recipe opens at 11am. The person at 1st came line up at 8.30am! SIAO!

The green shirt girl is the first! Of cuz she's the 1st, because green light means go, yellow means prepare to stop and red is completly stop. So me and my sister wearing red, that's why we won't get FIRST!

This picture taken further back from the restaurant. Soon after I reach there, after a minute, the queue went on about another 2shop lots long. Is like people NEVER eat cake before. I think Same applies to me, thinking of cake, YUM YUM! Thinking of the cheesy taste from NEW YORK in your mouth, Chocolate melts in your mouth with those BANANA filling your stomach, MANGO that makes your skin grow nicer, Sourish yougurt cheesy makes you high, and so on.

After lining up for about half an hour, Suddenly I receive call from Justin NG Lok Wee. It goes like that:
Jeng: Hello.
Justin: eh jeng, are you buying cake from secret recipe?
Jeng: Ya, how you know.
Justin: I saw you!
Jeng: Where are you? (thinking if he's stalking me :S)
Justin: I'm in front of secret recipe lar.
Jeng: Oh, you came here alone?
Justin: No, with my mum.

The converstaion goes on quite long. Then I saw his mum lining up way behind, as a good friend, I help him to buy the cake. If not he would be waiting for about 4hours! Then he got no time to see his girlfriend Kimberly!He misses her I guess. I misses mine too. But too bad is only one side.

There is this working women lining up behind me, infront is some 40years old lady, so we started talking to each other. For the whole three hours, we were just chating. The working women act so friendly, asking me to check why is the queeue so long, what cake left, prevent people from cutting queue and stuff, NIABEH! Wacking my shoulder and stuff, I know I handsome la, but dun need like that. So I still do it because I love to Help.

After 3hours, Thought can go home and rest, while walking to my car, I saw a piece of paper on my windscreen. Look at It! Is a Invitation Ticket to Pay the goverment aka SAMAN! HOLY MAMA! Yesterday got 1, today another 1, STRIKE 4D also not so accurate la!

and the KESALAHAN is :
Meletak kenderaan di jalan yang terdapat garisan kuning, THe problem is there were no GARISAN KUNNING. BUt still, great job to goverment.! I will give you pocket money.
I went to buy 4D using my car number, and guess what? I saw MR CHEN, which is CIMP lecturer for Malaysian Studies. He was hoping that he strike it so don't need to teach anymore!
That's all about it. Jengz is signing off. Have fun.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

For Andrew Tong Kin HON

All right, this post is for Andrew. yesterday night he was complaining to me " eh jeng, why you did not update your blog? " I was busy la, even if not busy also i lazy. Since I already promise andrew to update blog, I have to do it!!!

So today was quite a fun day. I woke up at 11.30am. Andrew called me at 9am. Wanted to wake me up so that I can go help out for CIMP orientation. But so sorry to say that I off my phone and continue sleeping.

11.30 am is the time I wake up. As usual, go wash up, walk around my room, sit in front of the comp, get some cereal to eat, then go bath, dress up and so on. So I left my house at 12.30pm. Reach college at 1pm. Start calling andrew asking him where is he. Stupid guy did not answer my phone.

Went to IEC to sort out my education pathway. Wanted to know more about US pathway. But still no clue about it. So I thought of going to some education center and enquire more info. Then andrew send a message saying he's at pink. So I went and saw Leon, Soo Yan, Tee Yau(new friend), MINI, Jessie, Mahdad and Ali. Was shock to see Ali because he dress up so different today. Was wondering, what happen to him?

So 2.30pm is CIMP fun day. I wanted to help around but i reach there late. Like about 3pm. Under the hot sun, i better get some shade. CIMP is so generous that they bought a lot of drinks for everyone. SO I gonna guard the drinks. Actually its free for everybody, but I told everyone Rm2 for a drink. They really believe!!!!! and wanted to pay me too, but i told them " today I good mood, so i give you free" LOL!!

Finish around 5pm, go eat with ZUbair at Medan, About 6pm, he leaves me alone and I went to somewhere near pavilion to do some serious business. After that went for Tea with my fellow Jazz Club Members. Untill about 12am, I leave the place and sent andrew home. On the way reaching his house, we saw Andrew brother skating to his friend house. So I'm such a good hearted guy, fetch him to his friend house. He say that his friend house is THE SECOND GENTING. sounds BIG? Really BIG

Then after fetching andrew home, I drove back as usual and sit in front of my comp and started bloging. Some says there will be RAID for the next few days and is best not to go KL.

IS between NajIB VS ANwar.

To brendan: jogoya post coming up.